Please note that you are on this page because the timer hit zero on the last video (video 4) of the most anticipated iHealTheWorld documentary film series in which you did not take advantage of the limited time offer discount that was presented to you.

Good news! You can still be part of iHealTheWorld by filling up this form right now, where one of our specialist or myself will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours.

IMPORTANT: You then need to go pick-up “TOTE | iHealTheWorld Elite Membership Access” for a limited time offer discount of $197 instead of the $997 that was discussed on video 4. As for the Elite Coaching, the 20 spots have already been sold out the moment video 4 were opened to the public.

Look forward to seeing you in the iHealTheWorld family.

Thank you for understanding,

P.S. For any questions or mistakes, please feel free to contact us at: