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Thoughts Become Things


This video below went VIRAL (86 likes, 60 comments) simply because when you put your soul, energy and heart into something FAR bigger than life, you start to affect people around you.

Here I was chosen out of over 150,000+ entrepreneurs inside Empower Network to share my vision and success story to well over 1,500+ people from all over the world on a LIVE webcast!

Introducing Magnolia


As a kid, you have no boundaries, no limits and no limiting beliefs.. Your mind is fresh and ready to conquer. My purest and deepest ambition back when I was kid was to become a famous basketball player. I just wanted the world to know how good I was. I used to play all the time in school and courtyards and knew that if I continued to practice, I would move forward in ranks and competitions. Unfortunately, I grew up in a very strict and unsupportive environment, where dreams did not mean anything and that whoever was going for it was simply wasting his or her time.

I’ve always asked them, my parents: “How is it that there are many other professional athletes all over the world that plays for big teams and associations. Aren’t they humans just like myself?

As always, I used to get the same answer: “they were really lucky..” or “these people are not happy..” or “stop wasting your time, go get a real career.

With such enormous lack of support and living under strict parental supervision, my limiting beliefs increased, thus I gave up on my dream and listened to what my parents were feeding me because as mentioned above, as I child, like most, I was very venerable and naive.

I went to high school, then college and throughout my entire decade being in school, I was a very insecure person. I didn’t like the way I looked and I thought I wasn’t worthy due to past conditioning, so spent the majority of my time in solitude, growing mentally where I found inner peace and wisdom..

From a young kid till my college years, I was extremely curious… I always knew that there was more to life than what I was perceiving on a daily basis with the use of my five senses. I just knew it. Every time I was out, I used to visualize the environment, the architecture, the energy, pretty much everything. Questioning everything I saw!.. So, the first nugget that has allowed me to become who I am today is “curiosity”.

I started working pretty young. I used to distribute flyers when I was 13-14 years old and make a peanut salary. Then, I went to work at a super market filling up groceries, which lasted 2 weeks. lol (some of you may relate) It was extremely dull and exhausting. Lastly, I went into the restaurant world when I hit 18. I worked at 3 different restaurants. Two of which I spent less than couple of months whereas the main one was where I learned a lot of life and business lessons that I will be sharing with you here..

I did everything there. I started as a bus-boy and ended with doing most of the work in which I wasn’t obliged to do but I did it because of my past conditioning and over-deliverance. (I love over-delivering because I value the long-term experience more than the short time frame in exchange of capital) For me, it was more about keeping my mind busy at all time, whether it was my task or someone else’s, it didn’t matter. I just wanted to help everyone get things done fast and keep moving forward. I use to come home dead tired and couldn’t feel my legs because I simply was working too damn hard for $15/hour salary. (including tips)

It’s just crazy looking back, knowing that people now pay me over $7,997 for 8 hours of my time.

One of the biggest lesson that I’ve learned working at that dinner for 4 years was that if you let your mind be conditioned in a workforce that does not bring joy to you or has nothing to do with where you’re headed in life, you will live a pretty damn destructive life… Gosh what would’ve happened if I was still working at that job and stayed in school majoring in Finance.

WOW! It gives me chills as I’m writing this..

So, again never condition your mind to something you do not enjoy or else you’ll wake up 40 years from now and ask yourself where has all those years been..

You see.. time is the only essence of life that you cannot collect back. It’s more pure than a commodity. It’s the only thing that separates you from me right now. So, make sure that you make each day count because you don’t want to die having lived like an average being. Our duty not a choice is to make this world a better place and the only way to do that is by making our lives better so we can heal more people in doing the same. That’s what I call paying it forward! 

On September 24, 2012, I came back from this event taking place in San Diego, CA. Mark this point as the day my journey to success started. That’s the day when everything changed for me. I dropped out of school, knowing that I paid over $2,000 of non-refundable tuitions fees in which the due date was 3 days prior to me dropping school. (Sept 24, 2012) I had quit my job 2 months prior to this date. I brought my bed, desk, closet, etc.. from my room upstairs to my parent’s basement where I began to consume knowledge like a sponge. I was feeding everything I could to my brain to learn this business. One of the main reason why I had made this decision in a matter of a weekend is one word!


Man… I cannot emphasize more on how events change lives. If it wasn’t for that event in San Diego, I would still be wondering around.. trying to figure out what I wanted to do out of my life… If you want to dramatically change your life, income, business, family, etc..

I failed miserably my first 12 months, buying probably a dozen products, getting coached, showed up to 50-100 webinars, going to different events and mastermind groups, reading countless books, listening to hundreds of audios.. I’m telling you, I was a sponge. I would feed myself anything about marketing, sales, business, psychology, theology, traffic, conversions, economy, personal development, etc… Even if I wanted to quit, I couldn’t! I just couldn’t see myself quitting thinking about all those months of staying up all night, having posters all over my room. I swear, I had a dozen of posters where I had written headlines, words that sell, daily action plan… basically everything I needed to see at all time. My walls were my notes. I turned by head and boom! notes in front of me.. notes on my right, notes on my left, etc..

I am telling you that there was absolutely nothing that could have stopped me from achieving freedom because I knew what this industry could lead me to: COMPLETE FREEDOM! of doing pretty much whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and with whoever I wanted to. I couldn’t embodied the fact of going back to that life of conditionality and physical work!

One of the main reason why I always kept pushing through the pain to be the best I can be was because I LOVED what I was doing. I loved knowledge. I’ve always loved growing as a human being because with knowledge, comes power and with power comes huge responsibility and I feel that today, my art of being who I am is an instrument of nature. It is my duty not a choice to heal every single human being that comes in contact with me. I literally transform you to become GREAT! That's the only thing that matters to me. I wanna tell you right now to stop and ask yourself what’s your deepest ambitions of life?

What’s the one thing that you’ve always wanted to accomplish in life?

What is it?

Is it freedom?

Is it spending more time with your daughter or son?

Is it driving fast cars, eating at expensive dinners and leaving the country every month?

Is it buying your first house?

Is it quitting your job?

Is it opening a restaurant?

That was my mission ever since the beginning. I’ve sacrificed my friends who I loved so much, my family, relationships, long nights of staying awake, sleeping with my books on my face, posters all over my walls and much much more to crack the code of this thing called “internet marketing” so I can now giveaway my audience (you) a blueprint for reaching success, that way you can avoid 75% of the hassle and hardship I’ve been through..

You see, over 97% of this industry do not succeed simply because they lack mentorship. He or she joins someone into an organization then that “someone” disappears or do not offer any sort of support.. They are never consistent; they don’t support their team, they never show up to events; they always teach stuff they haven’t tried themselves, etc…

Can you relate?

I understand! I am fully aware of the immense garbage/BS that there is within this industry and I promise you that you will never have to experience that EVER again! As you’ve already figured out, I am a leader inside Empower Network, one of the biggest online marketing company/movement in the world. I also own a media agency company called Unstoppable Entrepreneur Agency ,where people buy high quality traffic to their website as well as a digital product by the name of Traffic Of The Elite in which I’ve spent over $25,000, put my soul and heart in it, teaching you everything that you need to know when it comes to hyper-quality funnel building, traffic generation and value based marketing. Once you've completed the course, you will never have to chase friends and family, do home/coffee shop meetings or even prospect people that you don’t know on the street!

That’s also one of the other reason why I was so fascinated with the “internet marketing” industry. Oups! I forgot, before Sept 24, 2012, I spent 6 months promoting a network marketing company, while attending my first semester at university, doing coffee shop meetings every 2-3 days where I was prospecting/begging people on Facebook to meet with me so I can introduce them to a gold & silver opportunity in which I made $600 in 6 months. You will never have to go over what I’ve been through EVER again!

A lot of people ask me how is it that I’ve been able to grow so fast and get such enormous results at such a young age, being only 24, where days I made $10,948.49 in less than 30 minutes, $28,518.17 in less than 10 days, $4,550 while sleeping, earned $3,321 in 80 minutes sharp, cashed $3,000 right before I woke up, another $1,600 in less than 24 hours or even selling over 45,000 clicks in a matter of 72 hours with $0 advertising cost and much much more..

How do you do that Calvin?

Well…what I am about to share with you right now will hit your soul.. I hope you are ok with that because if you are not, you can stop reading but if you feel that you can take it and grasp it, it has the potential to help you for a lifetime…


Let’s Go!

Art keeps civilization going… As a human being, I’ve always believed that the only possible way for one to become great is by reconstructing a world where each and every single particle of material (matter) is backed by immense knowledge and wisdom. You, as a human being living in this place, called Earth, is for a reason.

Think of it this way… When your mother gave birth to you, you came to this world with no data entry, thus the things that were fed to you by your external environment are nothing but perceptions from one’s past experiences. Once you understand that perceptions are solely one’s past gathering of data from other external sources, you will start to see the reality that most people are living today..

A “word of mouth” ideology..

Most people today accept the reality they are in simply because they have been told by previous external data that if you do not conform to the norm, you’ll be left behind, thus in order to avoid this illusion of rejection, one must do the things most people have, are and will be doing for the rest of evolution?

A complete Darwinian concept, based on the survival of the fittest..

How is this living?

You see.. live can be much more broader than this. Once you understand that there is really no one on this planet Earth that can do you better than yourself, you’re in for an EPIC life! You are the architect; the visionary; the creative; you hold the key to the door that has been awaiting you for a very very VERY long time. It just happens that in life, everyone’s got their life backed by causality. You see causality is like karma. Everything happens for a reason just like I was slaving 2 years ago, then SNAP!! showed up to an event (cause), and quit school and my job to pursue my dream. (effect)

You reading this story right now is a sign of causality..

Who knows.. but just know this!

Nothing in life happens as an accident just for the sake of it. Everything happens for a reason!

So, to answer the question, one will always get to where he or she wants to go when he or she realizes the truth and that is; Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you.. You can change or stay the same. There are no rules to this game, called life! I hope you make the best of it. I hope you experience things you’ve never felt before. I hope you live on the edge of destruction to become the best you can be.. I hope you live a life you’re proud of because the reward that is waiting for you on the other side cannot be described in writing…

It must be felt! It’s defined in pure frequency & energy!

…but what I can promise to you right now is that you’ll be telling yourself then the following:

I want to take the time right now to thank you for taking the time to grasp this weird journey. It means the world to me and I look forward to transforming your income, business and complete life to a whole new level that you’ve never experienced before!

Make each day count because you never know what tomorrow will lead you to :)

I invite you to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and check out my YouTube channel!

I look forward to connecting with you very soon!


Calvin Aman

"The Hunger Artist"

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