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About Anael

The Spiritual Mastery

Hello beautiful soul, welcome!
My name is ANAEL and I was born in the Czech Republic. I have lived in many countries such as Germany, Egypt, the USA, India and Peru.
Now I live in Los Angeles, Prague and Sacred Valley, Peru. I speak Czech, German, English and Spanish fluently.

My mission is to spread light and love on the Earthy Plane. I am a healer, spiritual life coach, mentor, speaker, shaman, writer, environmentalist and filmmaker.
As I am a high-level channel and intuitive with a multitude of skills, I have honed my talents to speak with the Archangels. I am the Archangel Anael, the Angel of love, peace and creativity.
As a healer, I work at cultivating and holding light space to heal people on the deep level of the karma of their soul. I mostly help female entrepreneurs reach their own feminine side and release their masculinity in a balanced way, finding the inner balance in their lives. The balance is reached by spirituality and truth of self-love and self-respect.

My mission is to heal and release negative karmic cycles and bring people back to light and love. I also help people to guide them to their true soul /life purpose as I see their karmic journey. I transform /together with the Archangels/ all healing into love, light, happiness and peace. You finally feel your TRUE YOU, and your true soul purpose.
I transform peoples’ lives in a deep, transformative process and experience deep healing, channeling beneficent beings of the highest support. By working consciously with these beneficent beings, I have created strong and enduring metaphysical relationships that span way beyond the realms of the 3rd density. I heal and bring people to their Higher Self, I teach how to incorporate healing energies, Divine Guidance and wisdom into the day-to-day lives.
For 12 years, I have been on the spiritual path and now have my own healing space, spiritual retreats worldwide and create new programming of the 5th Dimension for my clients.

As a shaman, I connect people with their pain and traumas during Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies in the Amazon jungle. I also teach how to channel and connect with the personal light beings and the soul, so that one may become open to more love, joy, and happiness within each moment, ultimately aligning with the highest path and purpose.
To create happy lives for many on Earth is my goal. Therefore, I travel around the world a lot, organize workshops and spiritual retreats, speak at gatherings, as well as teach and heal people worldwide, who are guided to me by the Archangel Anael.

My true mission is to travel, heal and spread the Love and Light worldwide through prayers, books, videos, podcasts, workshops, healing, retreats, meditations, ceremonies and as a coach, healer, speaker, writer and filmmaker.

Let´s be Love and Light,
Heal your life,
with Love,

The Universe loves to see us, the human beings be happy, loving and successful to create a new paradigm for this unique Planet. So heal your karma, your old life, your old programming and change it to a NEW one, a NEW YOU. You change and heal yourself, your surroundings and the frequencies of the Earth. This is so promising, right? Start the brand new, happy life and your eternally happy you in the light. I guarantee you this change with me!
Spiritual Mastery

Due to the Covid 19 we had to cancel our retreats to Peru. We are now waiting for the new rules for the traveling.

We organise beautiful Spiritual Healing Retreats with the healer and shaman Anael

Heal your soul

Travel, heal, and meet new likeminded people

The Spiritual Retreat in Peru

with Anael

Anael spent one year in the South America - in Peru, Bolivia and Colombia. She lived in Peru the majority of the time. First, in the Sacred Valley and then she was guided to the Amazon Area of Iquitos. She fell in love with Peru, with both parts of this deep, transformational country, where she was initiated as a shaman to guide and heal at the San Pedro and Ayahuasca Retreat. In, 2019 she organized a Spiritual Retreat for 20 days in the Sacred Valley and in Iquitos.

In 2020, she continues her mission to guide those who wish to connect on a deeper level to Peru and with sacred medicines such as the sacred cactus, San Pedro and the sacred Master Medicine, Ayahuasca.


The Spiritual Mastery

Sacred Healing with the Archangels: Anael and Azrael

Anael is the ArchAngelic healer channeling the Archangel Anael, the Archangel of Love, Harmony and Creativity.
Her whole healing is based on her channeling with the Archangels Anael, Azrael, Michael, Gabriel and Rafael - the most important. She is surrounded by the divine ArchAngelic energy to heal and release negative karma and soul curse or demons. She is also protected by Jesus, Mother Marie, the ascended Masters such as St. Germain, Francisco from Assisi and Buddha.
As the Akhashic Record Reader, Anael connects during the healing sessions (online or in person) with the karmic past lives which influence the majority of the client’s current life. She enlightens through her ArchAngelic energy, the karmic darkness, trauma, pain and suffering and elevates the client to a new dimension of light. She reprograms the old program of the soul into the new light and health.
She is the pure Embodiment of the Archangel´s Light and Love, of both the Archangel’s Anael and Azrael.
Furthermore, she works as a clairvoyant, a medium with the dead souls together with the Archangel Azrael. The Archangel Azrael helps her face the darkness and bring it into the light and Archangel Anael transforms all healing into love, happiness and peace.
Anael´s spiritual mastery comes from her deep spiritual knowledge she has been practicing for over 12 years. She can open you for the Angelic realm, guide you to your Guardian Angel, and teach you how to connect with the ArchAngels.
She has discovered her deep connection and conversation with the Archangels and Angels, the extraterrestrials, the Light Beings such as the Sirians and has communicated with them as naturally as they do with human beings. Despite being on stage, she uses her abilities for private healings, which are not to be shared publicly.
Her healing is magical and epic. She has already successfully healed many clients worldwide. Her healing vision is to reprogram suffering into happiness and victory.

Soul Energy Healer

Anael is an intuitive healer, using her powerful light energy for the distant healing via telephone or telepathy. She heals the pain, the inner illness or removes the blockages. Her sacred healing is focused on the energy of the soul and heart chakra, and its healing.
When a client is stuck in their demonic plan or negative karma, Anael is able to remove this negative karma, and release the demons and dark entities from the client’s life. She works very deeply with the Archangels Azrael and Anael to restore the peaceful, light life to the client after she guides them to be set free of karmic debt.

Spiritual Coach

Anael has been working with the majority of the women, goal-oriented female entrepreneurs who feel challenged facing the masculine world, energies and who desire to be the leaders in their society, helping the world, using the feminine potential and grow in the balanced energies between the masculine and feminine sides.
Growing spiritual is one condition to feel connected with the soul and the own soul purpose, and the Universe. Anael is a personal mentor and coach for personal spiritual growth, transformative change, reprogramming of the old believes and patterns, starting with faith and belief in the Universe and its ArchAngels. Anael organises workshops, prepares e-courses and is writing her new book.

Shaman and environmentalist

Anael started her shamanic life many life decades ago, in her previous lives.
This lifetime, she remembered her abilities and once she became connected with Peru, the jungle and the Sacred Valley, she understood that one of her missions is to be a Shaman, helping western people heal their traumas in Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies, which take place in Peru and other countries. Her skills and deep intuitive knowledge was initiated in the Amazon jungle in Peru through the indigenous shaman Gardel, who grew up in the Amazon Peruvian and Brazilian jungle.
As the environmentalist she organises in the jungle or on different dirty locations “Clean up the Planet” project. She educates people in the jungle to take care of their jungle and clean up the rubbish, unfortunately is the whole Amazon area strongly polluted.

Musician, Artist, Filmmaker, and Writer

The best healers are the artists! Do you agree?
Anael has a very artistic spirit and she is very creative. She develops her songs and tunes with her instruments during the healing ceremonies and has now been guided to write a book. She’s already written 5 books including genres of poetry, novels, short stories, essays and playwrights, directed three short movies (20 mins) in Egypt and in the USA and was an actress in the theatres in Germany and the USA.


Anael as a shaman in Peru, the Sacred Valley

Spiritual Healing Retreat

with the Sacred Plant: San Pedro

Short spiritual Healing Retreat with the shaman and healer Anael and the Sacred medicine San Pedro from Peru


7-10 participants possible.

Heal and improve your life!

Experience a super healing, powerful RETREAT with the talented healer: ANAEL
Yes ❤️
The healing with Anael is very special: she is a powerful healer with the Cosmic Light and Love, she infuses each of you - during the is about to discover your level of the spirituality, your healing progress and unhealed issues.
Important is the creating an intimate and safe atmosphere to work together.

Shaman and healer ANAEL goes with all participants through the deep healing process:

  • who are you?
  • what means the self-love and self-respect
  • what is your karmic blockage in your life
  • the healing during the weekend retreat is focused on your wrong habits
  • discover karmic cycle you run in and your inner blockages.
  • open your heart chakra during the ceremony, work on your love issues.

Under the Anael´s guidance and healing during the San Pedro Ceremony you will collectively discover more about yourself, also hear about the Chakra system and during the San Pedro Ceremony you will activate your throat and heart Chakra 🙏💚❤️ Experience the great Release…

What is San Pedro? 💚

San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) is a cactus native to the Andean slopes of Ecuador and Peru. It is the South American cousin to peyote (in Mexico), and most notably contains the psychoactive alkaloid known as mescaline. It’s a plant. San Pedro prefers the mid-elevational valleys and slopes on both sides of the Andes Mountains. Like Ayahausca, San Pedro has been used for healing purposes and to open doors in the minds and hearts of people for thousands of years. Consuming a San Pedro cactus is an especially rewarding experience.



The healing circles, sessions, meditations, and the San Pedro Ceremony are guided by Anael.

• creating the healing circle - getting to know each other in the retreat.
• Topics : the own spirituality and healing.
• Topic: your spiritual you and your own healing. healing with the Universe? Angels? How is your trust? How is your heart closed…your love / partnetship issues?
Soulmate and twin flames topics.
• meditations
• exercise/ meditation
•.sound healing
• preparing for the San Pedro Ceremony.
• Rituals from Peru - drumming, music, songs by San Pedro Ceremony.

Possible: personal healing sessions with Anael / Horse Healing with Corine.


Please send us an email, if you feel drawn to work with ANAEL. For more informations write please on: lovelightanael@gmail.com
For more music and content about Anael: look at Spotify ANAEL/ Youtube Channel ANAEL, cosmic healing / Soundcloud.com/ anaelangel

Go to the video PERU with ANAEL: –

Spiritual Healing Retreat

in the Sacred Valley /Peru

Welcome dear and beautiful soul to Anael´s Spiritual Healing Retreat with San Pedro medicine midst the Inkas Culture!


Due to the big transition our dear PATCHAMAMA, the collective transformative time we had to cancel our retreat in PERU for the Year 2020. Here you can read how it looks with us, with the master guide and healer ANAEL.

WITH ANAEL to Peru… to experience something really special! Only those who visit Peru know what the secret of this country is…

Be sure… coming to Peru, it means - You will heal and transform your inner soul life just to be in Peru and thanks to the Sacred Medicine San Pedro. Though the San Pedro is optional for you.
San Pedro is a cactus, and we will drink his pure and fresh extract, made by the indigenous shaman Miguel Angelo. San Pedro opens very strongly but smoothly the heart chakra.
Your Guide and Healer Anael will guide you through the whole retreat, and through the San Pedro Healing Ceremony. San Pedro helps you to release some inner tension, and hidden fears, eventually you will communicate with the Light Beings, and come to another Planets where you belong.
Go for it! in this very individual unique magical Healing Retreat with the visit of the powerful monument Machu Picchu.
You feel wonderful, safe, and happy because the touch of the Inkas culture gives you an immense feeling of the deep connection with yourself and with their spiritual being.
You feel happy at the end! The joy enters your life.
We have already experienced that feeling in our last spiritual retreat. It is powerful! Everything feels like Wow in the middle of this incredible old and magical culture!
Come and experience with Anael this special spiritual retreat!
For only special 10 Persons.
Be the special one.
Thank you and looking forward to being in service
Anael ♡


Arrival to Cusco / accommodation - visiting city.

Cusco sightseeing & Sachsenwoman & other Inkas monuments around Cusco . Ceremony Patchamama.

Breakfast. Bus trip to the Inkas monuments in Moray & Maras/ Salinas /old salt mines/ and Chinchero back to Cusco
Visiting the Ruines Pisac. Visiting sighseeing the city Pisac.
No breakfast. - San Pedro Ceremony in the beautiful lonely place laguna lake deep in the Andes mountains in Pisac.
relax, visiting the city, and around Pisac - Lunch in Calca.
Visiting Urku / old Inkas monument / Floras Ceremony.
Ollaytantambo -Inkas Ruinas. Accomodation in the hotel.

Train Departure to Machu Picchu / accommodation / food / sightseeing the village Aqua Calliente.
At the Morning at 6am leaving to Machu Picchu. Visiting the whole complex of Machu Picchu.
back to Cusco by train.
Departure Cusco / possible to the next retreat in Iquitos / Jungel Ayahuwasca Retreat. - See this website.
Both retreats possible. Different price for both.

Send us an email for the Sacred Valley Retreat in PERU and we send you all the details regarded the whole beautiful magical trip.

In the price are usually included: Accommodation. San Pedro and Patchamama Ceremonies. The entrance ticket to the Inkas monuments. Transfer from the airport in Cusco.
Tour guide. Transportation.
Anael`s the 24 hours presence in the retreat with her guidance in Peru, the healing help (not personal sessions) and ceremonies.

Not included the flight tickets to/from Peru and the train and entrance tickets to Machu Picchu.
No food.

Ask also for the reduced price for both retreats: the Sacred Valley and the Jungle Iquitos if you would love to see the Amazon river and experience the master healing with Ayahuwasca.

What is San Pedro?

San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) is a cactus native to the Andean slopes of Ecuador and Peru. It is the South American cousin to peyote (in Mexico), and most notably contains the psychoactive alkaloid known as mescaline. It’s a plant. San Pedro prefers the mid-elevational valleys and slopes on both sides of the Andes Mountains. Like Ayahausca, San Pedro has been used for healing purposes and to open doors in the minds and hearts of people for thousands of years. Consuming a San Pedro cactus is an especially rewarding experience.

Ayahuwasca Healing Retreat

in the Amazonia/ Iquitos/Peru

You will heal and transform your whole life thanks to the Master Medicine Ayahuwasca!!
The Healer and shaman Anael and the indigenous shaman Gardel will guide you through the whole retreat and the Ayahuwasca Healing, and help you to release your trauma and inner pain.
Go for it! in this very individual unique Ayahuwasca Healing Retreat.
You feel safe and protected.
You will feel happy at the end! The joy enters your life. We have experienced that feeling already. It feels like Victory!
Come and experience with Anael and Gardel this special healing retreat!
For only special 10 Persons. Be the special one.


Arrival to Iquitos.
Accommodation in the hotel.
City tour and around Iquitos, embarking on the Amazon river, visiting the Animals sanctuary, indigenous tribe, and on the boat around the Amazon and Ataya River. Shopping & Visiting in the old “Belen” Market.
The departure to the Ayahuwasca Center in the jungle / no civilisation.
welcoming in the center and preapration for the Ayahuwasca Ceremony in the night.
No food. Accomodation for two or single rooms.
Arrival to the jungle.
Breakfast is always based on the food from the jungle.
The healing circle for the Ayahuasca participants.
Relax. Light Lunch.
Preparation for the next Ayahuwasca Ceremony.

Breakfast and healing circle for the Ayahuasca participants.
Sightseeing / Visiting the jungle with the Native People. Showing the treasures of the jungle.
Light Lunch.
Kambo teaching / practicing by the native shaman Gardel
Preparation for the next Ayahuwasca Ceremony.

The healing circle for the Ayahuasca participants.
visiting the jungle
Kambo teaching / practicing
relax. jungle visiting on the boat around the center / preparation for the next Ayahuwasca Ceremony.
Meditation. The healing circle for the Ayahuasca participants.
departure from the center back to Iquitos.

Send us an email please for more and next possible Ayahuwasce Healing Retreat in the Amazon Jungle.

You will get all the details regarded the whole beautiful magical jungle trip.
In the price are usually included 3 Ayahuwasca Ceremonies

  • food in the Ayahuwasca Center
  • accommodation in the hotel and in the Ayahuwasca Center
  • boat to/from the Ayahuwasca Center
  • in Iquitos boat and tour guide.
  • Transfer from the Airport.
  • Anael`s service: the main responsible organiser, shaman at the Ayahuwasca Ceremony, and healing guide after the Aya ceremony in the healing circle/ center. Not included: Flights to/from Peru. Transport in/around Iquitos. No food.

Both retreats possible - the Sacred Valley and Iquitos? Yes!

Ask also for the reduced price for both retreats: the Sacred Valley and the Jungle Iquitos if you would love to see the Inkas Monuments and the master monument Machu Picchu, experience both and you will transform your whole life in Peru.


What is Ayahuasca?

(aya: soul, waska: vine)
As a plant (liana or vine), Ayahuasca comes from the original Quechua language (native to Amazonia) and can be translated as: “vine of the soul”. This medicine has been used for thousands of years by shamans and Amazonian communities for healing. 

Ayahuasca as a medicinal plant together with Chakruna (a tree) both serve as an amplifier, crossing the boundaries between physical and non-physical worlds. It increases the ability to experience, relive and access memories, emotions, fears, thoughts, ideas and sensations on a deep level, in order to gain clarity and understanding. It is a vehicle to access altered states of consciousness and whilst there, to gain profound understanding in the physical, mental, emotional realms of our core being, as well as the world around us. Through the process of gaining understanding and clarity, profound shifts can occur in our physical realm, allowing for healing to happen on many levels.

Meditation & Spiritual Workshops

Anael offers worldwide the spiritual webinars, workshops, sound healing, meditations, shamanic San Pedro and Ayahuwasca ceremonies, and kambo healing ceremony in English, German, Spanish, and Czech.

Always variety and amazing food
Sacred Valley

Anael´s Healing Travels

These are the photos from Anael´s journey in Peru / 2018-2019 and the Spiritual Retreat.

View on Cusco
They are adorable!
Machu Picchu
Sacred Valley Traditon Llamas /Alpakas
Spiritual Retreat
Kambo Healing
Sacred Valley Ceremony
Anael Ceremony Sacred Valley
Always variety and amazing food
at the Market
Always variety and amazing food
Handmade Cheese
Prayers at the Inkas Stones.
Kambo Healing
Liana Ayahuwasca
Native Peruvians
Sacred Valley
the Andes
Sacred Valley

Sacred Healing with Anael

Hello from Peru/ Amazonia.

Anael in Person

See you soon!

Los Angeles - Connet with me on WhatsApp: 001-4153107013

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